February news

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted a blog.  It wasn’t intentional and it wasn’t caused by any unpleasantness in my life; as a matter of fact life has been good and I am lucky to be able to share my passion of quilting with you.  Even if you don’t love quilting and you read this, I hope you are passionate about something in your life and you can share the feelings that I encounter in my updates of my hobby.

Just a few notes for catching up on the personal side.  I am excited to say that I have given my workplace notice that I will be retiring on September 9th.  I have worked all of my life and I am looking forward to spending more time in my home, being a housewife, quilter and who knows what else will come my way.  Both of my sisters are retired and what fun it could be to get together occasionally for lunch, or a cooking class, or a little wine tasting.  On the quilting side, I am no longer in charge of Program for our local quilt guild, I am now co-chair of our annual retreat in Ivoryton, CT which will be at the end of May.  I will share updates on this as items come along.

What have I been working on?

The recommended quilt for Retreat 2016:  I used a jelly roll to make this quilt but we are also encouraging people to make it from scraps that they have.


A few years ago I made some take 5 blocks from some Jane Sassaman fabric that I loved the colors of.  Once I made the blocks, I didn’t like them, too much color, so I put them away.  Recently I took them out and decided to try to make them more palatable by adding white sashing to break them up, so I sliced and diced them and added the white.  I was able to finish the blocks into a quilt and quilt it, someone will love it.


The last item for now is something that I am just finishing up for someone special, here is a small piece.