Busy Day

While the rest of the world goes about their normal schedules of work, and the children are all starting back to school; it is a very busy day in our house.  It is the annual event of getting ready for the Terryville Fair (http://terryvillefair.org/).  My husband Chip, has been on vacation from work all week but he has not been able to rest.  He has been working with others, from 8:00 a.m until 10:00 p.m. getting the fairgrounds ready for our annual event, which for me begins tonight.  Today I take the day off of work to prepare for later this afternoon when people from all around will bring in their needlework to be judged and displayed for the weekend, hopefully with beautiful blue, red and white ribbons rippling in the dry breeze.  We normally get between 150 to 200 entries in the Needlework section.  This is what it looks like before:


This is last years “before” picture because I haven’t been there yet today.

It is a family affair for us.  My husband belongs to the Lion’s Club that puts this event on every year and my daughter Rebecca (https://rebeccabookreview.wordpress.com/) is also a Lion so she will help in our Needlework section tonight and occasionally over the weekend as her other duties permit.  You can see her reading one of her many books here as she was waiting for entries to come in last year.  Well I better get started on my day!


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