Summer Fun

Last time I was  making mug rugs to relieve some stress one evening after work, and that made me think about things I could work on during the week after work when I had smaller units of time.  I also have been hankering to play with some Halloween fabric which I think is loads of fun to play with  and I seem to have collected (hoarded) quite a bit in my stash.  Halloween panels are so cute, my daughter even buys them for me but then, what to do with them.  I find it is fun to use pictures from the panels to make place mats.   Cut out your pictures, put some borders on, do some fun quilting and machine bind them.  I used the smaller pictures for more mug rugs!!  If you haven’t  done machine binding yet, this is the perfect time to do so.  The place mats make lovely gifts and hand sewing the back of the bindings on 4 place mats takes quilt a bit of time, so if you can machine bind them all you get more gifts for more people.  I participated in a pay it forward by 5 challenge on Facebook this year and the 1st four place mats have already been delivered to my niece Jessica, for her family as part of that promise to do something for 5 people this year.  Here is a pair that I will enter in the fair and here are the mug rugs that also came from the panel.



More finishing up before the fair includes a table runner that was made from leftover blocks from a modern jelly roll quilt that was made last fall.   I did not do that binding all by machine, so I still have to finish the hand sewing part.


This will be a busy month with the fair coming on August 28th, so I will have to make use of those smaller periods of time in the evening after work, and it will help to reduce stress at the same time.


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