June notes

The last two years I have been co-chair of program for our BBT Quilt Guild with my friend Debbie Denslow.  We seem to be a good fit in anything we do together, our minds never stop brainstorming and when she suggested that we volunteer for the position together, I did not hesitate to agree.  Next Friday is our last meeting for our 2 year term and I have mixed feelings about it.  For anyone who is in an organization, don’t be afraid to volunteer to be on the board, or take a position of leadership.  I will admit, that it is a bit of extra work, but you wouldn’t be in the organization if you didn’t love it and you have a chance to meet new people that love the same things you do.  I have met some very interesting teachers, speakers, and people just enjoying the classes that we have scheduled and I would have missed it all if I had not volunteered.    It is not that we are going away, Debbie has of course talked me into a new challenge….. we are going to be in charge of planning our annual retreat for the next 2 years!  I can’t wait to see what I learn from this experience.

Since I last wrote, my family rented a condo in Newport, RI and we spent some time together.  It did not include any sewing but I did have a chance to go out with the camera for some photos of beautiful inspiring coastline area.  We had a wonderful time together, it was very relaxing and we got home just in time for my husband to pack for  Maine and leave me to 4 days of home alone sewing and planning projects for retreat.  Also this year I had been given blocks and unfinished projects from a woman who was no longer able to quilt, it was quite an extensive pile.  I brought all the blocks and projects home, washed them, picked a few pieces out for myself and packed the rest for retreat.

Last Friday, off we went to retreat!    We are usually given a pattern just in advance of a suggested project.  I put the top together while I was home alone Memorial Day Weekend, so I brought it to quilt.  I also quilted one of the pieces that I had been given and finally I put together a table runner and backing from some extra blocks that I had from a quilt last year.  The time spent with my fellow quilters and one reader (https://rebeccabookreview.wordpress.com) was inspiring.  So much color, so much laughter, so much fun!  The blocks and unfinished projects that I had been given were put on our share table and adopted by other quilters.  One of the women in our group, Cindy Guendert, took an unfinished project from the table and made her quilt top around it.  After it is quilted it will be given to a Veteran as part of the Quilts of Valor project that she participates in.   Wonderful!



My daughter Rebecca (the reader) and I went for a short walk each day to keep the circulation in my legs moving and she provided great conversation and support also.  It helps to have a younger, stronger person when moving all the equipment in and out, she is always so kind to me.  She didn’t get as much reading done as she thought she would and I didn’t get as much sewing done as I thought I would, so I guess we spent too much time talking, laughing and visiting!  Overall, we would both consider it to have been a successful weekend.


So now my focus will be put toward making retreat for the next 2 years as much fun as it has been in the past and more fun, if that is at all possible!  Don’t be afraid to get involved in the activities you love, the rewards are endless.


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