Quilting Coming!

This is one of my favorite times of the year for quilting!  I know many of you use the cold winter months to get more of your quilting done, but for a couple of reasons this is my time.  Our quilt guild retreat is coming up starting May 28th.  We pack all of our tools, sewing machines, tables, cutting boards, and a little wine and we head out into nature to spend 3 days sewing and spending time with the nicest women.  They are all just so happy to be there, there is not a complaint to be heard.  Smiles and laughter all around.  My daughter, Rebecca will be coming along again this year and if you have read my blog, she is not a quilter, but she reads in her spare time.  Her job is intense, so it is her weekend to get of the stress and read, read, and read.  You can check out her blog here : https://rebeccabookreview.wordpress.com.  This is a picture from last year, so peaceful.


Before we head out for that wonderful weekend, I also have Memorial Day weekend coming up.  The thing about that weekend is that my husband goes to Maine with his brothers and his Dad and they do repairs to a cottage they have, and get it ready for the season.  He will be leaving Friday morning so I will be alone to cut fabric, quilt, or get projects ready for retreat.  He will be back Monday night, so I have 4 days to work on projects!  I am looking forward to that weekend also.

Here are a couple of pictures of the quilting on the quilt that I am binding now:



Outside of quilting, I had the pleasure of a visit to Cape Cod.  My cousin lives there and she has been trying to put together a girl cousin weekend for sometime.  Most of our schedules finally aligned so my sister, another cousin and I drove up for the weekend for a visit.  Donna and her husband were so gracious to us and Donna tried to make sure each of us had something that we wanted to do, happen.  My wish was a stop at the local quilt shop.  We visited Tumbleweed Quilt Shop in West Barnstable and it was large and beautiful.  So many wonderful fabrics!  I could only buy a couple because my stash is already too large to manage.

One of our other stops was to watch an annual event of the herring swimming upstream and seagulls making meals of them, snatching them out of the water and swallowing them whole.  It was like a scene out of the birds!  I caught a photo with 2 seagulls with herring in their mouths.  Yikes!