Take a class!

One of the wonderful blessings that I have been given is the thirst to learn more.  I am not sure if it is a genetic trait, or if it was passed on to me by example or both, but I love to expand my knowledge about what I happen to be interested in.  Of course now my interest (passion) is quilting.  Yesterday our guild presented a class in Surface Design techniques for cloth and quilting and it was so inspiring to work with others,  learn and try different ways of changing cloth to suit your purpose of making art.

I can open up a whole discussion about the term of making art, and I consider it to be making art, when the finished project is a completely original project.  My Dad always said that you cannot claim yourself to be an Artist, but the world deems who is an Artist, but I do consider some of the work I do to be making art, even if it isn’t good enough to be rallied by the world to make me an Artist.  It is the act of creating something that comes from within you, that you feel is successful; it gives great joy!


Our Teachers were Melanie Johnston and Joan Blade Johnson, and we used foils, paints, and angelina fibers with glues and different fusibles.  There were no finished projects, but there were wonderful seeds planted in the creative side of our brains for use someday in the future!  It was playtime for adults and of course, as it always happens in gatherings of the women in our guild, there was lots of sharing and helping.



Don’t ever stop expanding your horizons!