What’s for Dinner?

WINTER IS OFFICIALLY OVER, but we are not really feeling the effects of that yet.  It has still been very cold, especially at night.  The snow should mostly be over, but we did have snow showers today.  Old Man Winter just will not let go of us.  I however, will look directly forward to spring and the possibility of the beautiful color of trees blossoming, flowers blooming, green grass, the beautiful blues of a crystal clean swimming pool and long light filled days!  Speaking of color, this weekend I am prepping for giving a lecture on color theory at quilt guild.  As a bonus, we will be raffling off door prizes of Joen Wolfrom’s Color Tool.  It should be an interesting night.

Also our “What’s for Dinner” placemats are due at the next Guild meeting.  I am sharing a picture of the plan for mine.  Also, since I am working on it this weekend I will share what it looks like right now.  It is almost finished, I have to add a napkin, silverware and maybe a beverage.   It is a project for fun, so I am just using an overcast stitch to finish the edges.  As you can see, mine is Breakfast for Dinner!



I have also been working on a quilt for a class in May and I need to get a photo into the newsletter to see if anyone wants to sign up for the class.  I finished quilting it last weekend.  I am not thrilled about how the quilting came out.  I prefer the look of a thread that is more subtle and doesn’t show your quilting errors as much, but as Angela Walter’s says “a finished quilt is better that a quilt top”.


Today is Goal Day with my daughter, Rebecca.  It has been a relaxing, fun filled day of planning and quilting and using the creative side of my brain.  We also got in some exercise too.  She is immersed into tax season with her job and this is one of the few days she doesn’t have to work 12 hours.  She is working toward relaxing and working on her reading and blogging which you can find here:  http://www.rebeccabookreview.wordpress.com

Well, speaking of What’s for Dinner, it is getting to be time to finish preparing dinner, I have cooked pork chops in the slow cooker with a ketchup, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic and onion marinade.  It is a new recipe but I am not that optimistic.  I normally am considered an excellent cook, but my pork chops have always been on the miserable side.  If you have any great pork chop recipes, please feel free to send them to me, my husband will THANK YOU!