Happy Holidays

This is a bittersweet Christmas for our family because it is the first Christmas without my Dad and the second Christmas without my Mom.  We didn’t really have time to mourn my Mom last year because we were consumed with making everything ok for my Dad.  They were Mom and Dad to 4 of us, Gramma and Pop Pop to 8 grandchildren with 8 spouses, and Great Gramma and Pop Pop to 11 with 1 still on the way.  Christmas Eve was spent at their house every year, with lots of food, drink, song and love.  The family that live in our state will be together this evening, celebrating and sharing food, drink, song and love at the home of the oldest Grandchild and her Husband, trying to make new memories for 4 of the Great Grandchildren.  We are all thinking of them, and missing them, hoping that they are singing Christmas carols together with the choirs of angels

On these special days, may we appreciate those who we choose to spend the day with and those who we may come in contact with accidentally.


You can be sure that I will be quilting on Friday!!!