Welcome September

Welcome September!!!  This is my favorite month of the year for a number of reasons.  It means apples from the orchard, pumpkins, cooler weather especially in the evening.  It feels wonderful to sleep all curled up under a quilt!  I love the air when it is crisp and clear and I also love the light that is cast through the changing colors of the trees.   I change all of my decorative quilts to fall quilts to take advantage of the beautiful golden light that shines into the house.  Another reason that I love this month is that my birthday and my daughter, Rebecca’s birthday are a week apart during this month.  We take a Friday off to spend it together, do some shopping and enjoy a nice lunch.  This year for the 1st time, I will be attending a retreat that is new to me.  Attendees can choose the # of days that they spend during the week at this retreat and I have chosen to attend Thursday through Sunday.   So as you can see, I really have a lot to look forward to this month. 

Since the fair, I have been in the mode of organizing what I have in the house for quilts.  It is time to clean out some stacks of older items so I finally started an Etsy site where I will list items to sell.  It will be a variety of items that I made earlier and some more recent items as well.  The most difficult part of this endeavor seems to be the photography, which I would like to be able to do myself.  The camera that I have is older and so I asked for a new one for my birthday.  I hope that it will be fairly simple to operate and still get nice photos.  Actually, that has been the hardest part of doing this blog, getting photos that are clear enough to share this year of quilting with you. 

While cleaning out the top of my closet, I found 2 UFO’s.  The 1st item was a set of 20 blocks done in a “Take Five” pattern with Jane Sassaman fabric.  When I finished the blocks, I wasn’t crazy about how they looked too much bold color.  So I decided to cut in half, insert a white strip, then cut in half again the other way and insert another strip.  I have them packed to take to retreat to finish.


20140904_202057 (1)

I also found a wall hanging that had some hand work done on it and some hand quilting also.  I decided to complete with machine quilting and additional machine embellishment.   I completed it on Monday a.m. and just have the tacking of the binding to do. 

 kodak 09.04.14 022

Also, exciting news, my daughter Rebecca, and her husband Kris closed on their 1st home last Friday and we helped to move them in over the Labor Day weekend.  We are very happy for them and wish them much joy in their home.  She has started hanging quilts already!  Being an only child of a Quilter has some advantages.  

The retreat is in 1 week and I am sure that I will have much to share!