Getting Ready

This is the time of year around my house when everyone is getting ready for the Fair.  My husband is in the Lions Club and he spends much of the summer keeping equipment running and helping to prepare for their largest fundraising function, the Terryville Fair.  It is classified as one of the major fairs of the Connecticut Agricultural Fair Association and it is held on the weekend before Labor day.  The fair is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday but there is plenty of work leading up to it.  I assist by taking in items in the Needlework department and I work in the Needlework area, answering questions, overseeing the exhibit during much of the fair.  Since the Head of the Needlework dept and I are friends, and we spend so much time there over the weekend, we started bringing our sewing machines in with us and we work on quilt tops; that is when we are not visiting with the spectators or answering questions.  We have one of the largest Needlework displays in the state!  I will follow up next week with some pictures to give you an idea of what it is like.  For today  I will share these photos of some of the items that I have completed during the year which will be entered and displayed next weekend.



Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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