Quilting in the summertime

Wow, time passes so quickly!  Since my last blog the longest day of the year has passed, which saddens me just a little.  Although we just started summer, the days will be getting a little shorted every day.  I love the long days of sunlight!
On to quilting….progress is being made in different ways.  The top that I made at retreat is larger than I like to quilt so I will send it out to my local long arm quilter, Jodee.  I have the back prepared and it is all pressed and ready to go.


I finished quilting the batik market square quilt and just have the binding to do.   I had some feline help with this project.

Attached is a picture of the quilting on it:


Monday night after work I laid out a new baby quilt that I pieced on Sunday.    It was quick to lay out so I decided to quickly piece another back for another top that I had ready, and I was able to get the second quilt laid out also.  So as we approach this weekend, I have two quilts ready to work on.



Last weekend a group of us ladies, known as “The Divas” went on an adventure  Friday, attempting to visit  5-6 Local Wineries, a Farm with Cheese and  a Farm that specializes in Milk House Chocolates.   My son-in-law Kris was one of the designated drivers on that trip, fortunately we behaved so I don’t think he has any funny stories to tell.