I am still on a peaceful high from the weekend away from normal life to spend some time with quilters.  In a rustic idyllic setting, 30 quilters and 1 reader gathered to spend time together creating, laughing, revitalizing and solving problems.  As we were winding down today the word that kept coming to mind was INSPIRED.  I was inspired by the joy, cooperation, listening, sharing and creating.  Very little from the outside world disturbed us.  There was time for sewing, enjoying the outside areas and animals, spending time with friends, spending time alone.




This is the courtyard outside of our building.  We were at the Incarnation Retreat Center in Ivoryton, CT.  There are walking trails, animals, a lake, all kinds of interesting things to see.   My daughter, Rebecca likes to come along and recharge her batteries in her favoring hobby, reading and I promised her this year that each day I would go for a walk on the grounds.  Really I know that I need to circulate the blood in the legs, 14 or more hours at a sewing machine is not healthy.  On the first day we investigated this tee pee.  She was surprised to see that there was a fire pit in the center of the tee pee.


On the second day we ventured out to see the llama’s, goats, a pig and there was what I guess you would call a free range chicken following us all around.  Her favorite animals were the burros and when we approached they decided to give us such a healthy hello, that the quilters in the building up above all had to look out the window to see what the commotion was.  For additional photos visit Rebecca’s blog:

Every year there is a suggested quilt top to make which I did decide to make:


Also you can work on any other projects.  In addition to this quilt top, I made 64 drunkards path blocks which I have decided that I am not ready to decide on  the layout yet, so you will have to wait on seeing those.  I also worked on quilting some other items for future gifts.  I did get plenty done and meals are provided to us so we had no worries all weekend.

The last photo I will share with you is of the talk of the people at the retreat every year for his beauty and of course the loud noises he makes at night.  He is so tame that he will eat out of your hand as you can see,



That is all for now, just remember to take time out of your busy schedule and recharge your internal batteries!


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