Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial beginning of the summer season.  Many consider quilting to be a winter sport!  I actually get just as much, if not more quilting done in the summer season.  Memorial Day weekend my husband usually goes to Maine with his brothers to open the cottage that they have and do repairs, so I usually have the whole weekend to quilt, with the exception of a picnic or two.  This year he did not go, so my quilting had to take place with him around, but we managed.   Next weekend is my Quilt Guild annual retreat,  three whole days of quilting and laughing and I am so looking forward to it!  This weekend I have packed projects to work on at retreat.    Last weekend I had a chance to lay out 2 quilts and Saturday I finished the quilting on one of them.  I may bring the 2nd one to retreat to work on also. Here is a preview of what I will be working on at retreat.


Here is the quilt that I just finished.  Will try to have some down time tonight to work on the binding.  Rebecca has put a claim in on this one.


We also had time to get  a picnic in yesterday with some family and a few friends at my sister’s house and a visit with Dad.  I was so tired after being out in the fresh air, and a couple glasses of wine that I went to bed early last night.  I was up bright and early this morning and by noon I was able to put together a quilt top that featured the fabric that I used on the back of the quilt pictured above.  Very simple quilt that you can make that has a square of the feature fabric left large (8.5 inch square).   I will take a photo of it when I get it laid out for quilting.

Yesterday was also the closing day of the quilt shop that was closest to me, “The Fabric Bug”.  I have really enjoyed having a quilt shop that was 5 minutes away from me for when I needed something last minute.  Unfortunately, she did not have enough business to support her and she had to close.  I always shopped with her first in hopes to keeping her there, but I guess there are not enough quilters to draw from in the immediate area.  I will miss that!

I will  give an update on the retreat next weekend and since Rebecca is coming with us, not to quilt but to continue her reading challenge, our blogs may overlap next time.

It’s summertime!