April 26th, 2014

If you are involved in one type of creative art, you probably are involved in another.  In addition to quilting, I have been interested in drawing especially since Journaling is recommended for quilters who wish to save ideas for Art Quilting.  My friend Sandy likes to draw and we have been trying to take an adult education class on drawing for over 2 years, but it always seemed to get canceled for lack of interest (evidently we were the only enrollees).  As luck would have it, we finally signed up for a class that happened, so for the last 3 Tuesdays we have attended a drawing class to practice drawing.  I don’t think it will ever be my number 1 hobby, but I do find it is very relaxing and distracting from all of the problems in the world.   I also think it can be useful in designing my own quilt patterns.




In addition to that I have been finalizing the Mardi gras quilts for the Art quilt challenge and will photograph them when they are complete.  The quilting and binding are done and I am just finishing up on the embellishments.

Last week I decided to take a block that I had made in a curved piecing class and turn it into a table topper or wall hanging and so I added some flying geese borders and outer borders.  Today I was working on the quilting.  I had to go out so I did not finish it, but I will show it as it is right now with a close up of the center quilting.





The quilt shop that is nearby is unfortunately closing so I picked up some yardage for 2 quilt backs and a little extra something.  I am so sorry that the store will be closing but I think it is really hard to make money selling quilt fabric today as it has become so expensive.  I encourage all quilters to remember to support their local quilt shops!



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