It’s Spring!

It is spring!  It is time to rejoice in new beginnings, to enjoy the crocuses reaching out to the sun for the first bits of warm weather.  The trees are releasing their sap to make wonderful maple syrup.  Soon the trees with be sprouting leaves, and daffodils and tulips will be waiving in the wind.  This is such a wonderful time of year.  It is a great time to take a walk with your camera and take photos of the beauty of spring.  Maybe it will inspire a quilt by providing you with color choices, or even something just as simple as an 8 x 10 Journal quilt that will allow you to re-live what you have seen.

The pillowcases for “The Hole in the Wall Gang” camp are completed and ready to be delivered at our April Guild meeting.  I hope the children who receive them will enjoy the colors as much as I did!  I am grateful that my child was healthy and I am glad to be able to do something for children who are not as fortunate.  I will try to make more before the May or June meeting.


Here is a picture from last weekend “Goal Day”, it was a relaxing, productive day of quilting the block challenge which is due at our April meeting and I am just finishing up the binding.  I just need a good movie this weekend to sit in front of and do the hand sewing.   I have laid out both of the Mardi gras quilts and will start quilting and adding embellishing threadwork this weekend.


This picture is of our cat Toni on “Goal Day”, she is enjoying the bird activity of spring from inside the window.


Until next week, happy quilting!


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