Mid-March Update

Since my last blog I have been working on a challenge that is due for Guild in May and it is our Art Quilt.  It can be any size but the concept of the challenge is to try new techniques in the making of this quilt.  As I have discussed earlier, the concept of Mardi Gras was interesting to me and the main colors of purple and green are one of my favorite combinations.  I drew a rough plan of what I wanted for the beginning, and then got to work.


I made my freeform log cabin blocks (enough for 2 quilt backgrounds) and last weekend I decided to try silkscreen on the quilt top.  I would not say it was a total success but it was worth trying and I think I can work with what I have.  It will take a bit of threadwork to get it to look the way I envision, but I am confident it can be done.  The next step will be to lay out the tops so that I can begin the threadwork that will put life into the silk-screening.   Finally the plan is to add appliqué and embellishments bringing the feel of a great party to the quilt. 




I am working on two tops and the best one will be the one I go with. 

I also laid out the block challenge for quilting but I am still thinking about  how I will quilt the piece. 

Tonight I have been washing kid friendly fabric and this weekend I will be working on pillowcases.  Our Guild provides pillowcases and quilts to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp.  Is is written in our by-laws that we all shall work in service of others as part of our year.   Last year we donated over 500 pillow cases and additionally some quilts.  We are behind that number this year so I will try to help the cause this weekend.  

Until next week, happy quilting!



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