Here we are in March already!  In the early part of last week, they were predicting that we would have a big snow for Sunday night into Tuesday morning, but by last Friday they decided that this nasty Polar Vortex would push the snow south and miss us.   Yea!! I have had enough snow and winter; we are counting down the days to spring at work now.   

Last week was not too busy for me, although it was the first week that I returned to my normal evening activities since I was sick.  My normal activities include a 40+ hour work week, Monday – Friday.  Monday night is choir rehearsal; Tuesday night is movie night with my friend Sandy.   We saw “The Monuments Men”, which we both liked and we would recommend.   Wednesday night I worked on the block challenge and made the 1st cat block, and then cut out the other 3 which I put together on Thursday night.  Friday night I struggled with the background corners and picking fabric because I had not planned ahead when making the background pieces of the cats and did not have enough of the hand dyed blue to fill the corners.  I finally chose a blue ombre and I picked the lighter portion of the fabric.

Saturday I was alone this week and this is what I accomplished:

Put the binding on the star quilt

Decorative stitching on the appliqué and quilting on the 2nd baby quilt.

Finished the Snails trail block quilt top, I may add embellishments later. I may add embellishments after it is quilted.


I was quilting most of the day with a few breaks here and there to stretch my arms, and I had to take a break to run down to the bakery and pick up some cupcakes for my sisters birthday on Sunday.  I stopped for one break and had part of a cup of coffee, and this is what I found when I got back.


They can’t even wait for it to be finished.

I also am thinking about my challenge which is due in May, an Art quilt.  I have been thinking about a theme and something caught my eye on Pinterest.   The colors of Mardi gras are interesting to me and there are so many possibilities such as masks, glitter, beads, and feathers.  I am thinking that I have found my theme.  I am planning on using free form log cabin blocks as my background as shown in the Craftsy class with Judith Trager.  That is as much as I am sure of at this point.  I hope that I can start this next weekend.

Sunday was turkey meatloaf, sweet potatoes and asparagus for Dad’s lunch, with Rebecca and Kris.  After that both sisters,  Sharon and Penny and their husbands,  and my niece Jessica and Alex came with little A.J. and I delivered the baby quilt.  Birthday cupcakes and fun was had by all.  She has the quilt now, so here is the photo:


Until next week, happy quilting!


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