February 17th – Slowdown from dealing with Winter’s problems

Wow!  This winter has been difficult.  We have had snow after snow after snow.  We are expecting more tomorrow!  On top of that, since I blogged last I have been sick.  This Saturday was the first time I started to feel like myself again, but I had so much catching up to do, that the only sewing I worked on was bindings.   That is not to say I don’t have any quilting news to share.  Friday night, Valentine’s Day, we had our monthly quilt guild meeting and our first challenge of the year was due.  We drew names in September for a secret Quilt Valentine exchange since our February meeting would fall right on Cupid’s day.  According to all of the members that I spoke to, it was a great success.   Everyone enjoyed making their Valentine’s and they enjoyed receiving their Valentine’s.  I have to say, I really enjoyed concentrating on the small piece of work and trying to make it special for Sue Wentland.  Some of the members commented that they didn’t know their Valentine before and it gave them a chance to meet someone new. 

The second part of our meeting included a demo on hand embellishment by Debbie Denslow and machine embellishment by yours truly.  I was busy so I was not able to see what Debbie shared, but I am sure it was great.  I think of her as my 1st quilting mentor. 

The machine embellishment demo was to show how thinking outside of the normal box can give nice results and is not difficult.  I showed how to use decorative stitching to secure appliqué instead of just a blanket stitch using either rayon thread or metallic thread.


  Also your appliqués can be cut from fabric that has had decorative stitching sewn on first using metallic and rayon threads. Using metallic’s on fabric to thread paint a motif, and even making a thread painted appliqué on dissolvable stabilizer and then attaching to the background.



 Lastly, a little demo on foiling on top of quilts and using painted fusible for your appliqué.   It was fun to share these small changes and hear the comments on how nice these little changes can look.   This one is a transfer of painted fusible.


Next Saturday is Goal Day so I have to get prepared.  I have another baby quilt to lay out for quilting and the Strip Pieced Star from the January 11th class so if I can get those laid out on Thursday night and Friday night, I can quilt, quilt, quilt on Saturday. Right now I have to run to watch Ice Dancing, enjoy the Olympics while they last!




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