Feb 3rd, 2014

Just a quick update, we began a new month on Saturday and I was able to do the quilting on the pod quilt.  I was able to work on it Saturday morning and went back to it after a little shopping on Saturday afternoon and again in the evening.  I had to run out to Close to Home to take advantage of a Superbowl Sale giving me 48% off a machine accessory.   I bought a single hole plate for my new machine because the regular stitch plate hole allows for a 9mm stitch width and fabric can get jammed when piecing.  I finished the quilting Saturday night after the kids came for dinner (Rebecca and Kris).  I maybe should have waited but I was getting impatient, the last border may have gotten a little messy.  Here are a couple of pictures,


It was a busy weekend other than that, we celebrated my Dad’s 84th birthday on Sunday and we had 4 generations to sing and blow out candles.  We were blessed to be able to be together to share food and wine, love and laughter.  

We are expecting lots of snow this week, stay safe!




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