The Joy of Learning Something New

No matter how old we get, I don’t think we ever lose the wonderful feeling of learning something new and experiencing the moment that we are successful in doing it correctly for the first time.  That happened to me this weekend.  The projects that were in the forefront this weekend for my Saturday day of quilting included finishing the valentines by quilting and binding,  and to begin the quilting on a quilt top that I made at the end of our Guild retreat last June. 

Friday night I did the prep work, I laid out the Pod quilt and spray basted (and a few pins for safety).  Then I started reviewing information that was available to me from Craftsy on line classes.  If you haven’t checked out Craftsy classes on line, I recommend it if you are interested in Quilting, Knitting, Drawing, Photography, Sewing, etc.  The classes are online and available to you always, there are some free ones to try out the format.  The classes I reviewed were Machine Quilting Negative Spaces and Free Motion quilting with Feathers, both classes with Angela Walters.  The Pod quilt has a lot of negative space and I want to plan out the quilting to take advantage of that.

 Saturday was one of those rare days when I had no outside plans to slow me down and the only distraction was the cat.  In my attempt to finish what is due 1st, I started with the Valentine quilting, leaving the one that is for my chosen person until last so that I would have 3 others to practice on and determine what the best plan would be.   Inspired by the Feather quilting with Angela, I decided to try some plume feathers on the 1st one, with a simple meandering in between.   I could not believe how easy it was, of course I tried it on a practice piece a couple of times 1st, but it was going so well, I went right to the 1st Valentine! 


I decided to try the next style feather for the 2nd one and again, I was very pleased with the result.  With the 3rd one, I put a connected feather in the left and top border, and in the body of the Valentine I used feather meander.  It was time for the real one; I chose to go back to the plum feather with a spiral meander in between.  I used the feather in some of the background rays.  When I was done I had such a feeling of accomplishment, they came out great.   The only thing missing was sharing it with Rebecca (the cat did not care) so I sent her a photo on Facebook to share with her.   I attached the bindings and here are some photos.




On to the Pod quilt.  I decided to do a feather meander inside of the pods.  I have not planned out the rest yet, but I will be using information from the Quilting in Negative spaces to section the negative space out and quilt it with some variety.    


I hope to continue on this next Saturday,  And this is what it looks like from the back.



Stay safe and warm until next week!


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