1st Goal Saturday

Well the first goal weekend has come and gone and my conclusion is that it was a great success!  Rebecca has always been such a motivated person and what a planner, I am following her lead with this goal planning and mastering.  The plan is to have one Saturday a month to spend together to work toward each of our goals, while she is reading, I am quilting.   Of course, neither one of use can get through the day without multitasking so we also planned a short block of time for cleaning and organizing in the cellar.


We had a great morning of reading and quilting, I was working on A.J.’s quilt and was able to do the appliqué topstitching and I started the quilting before lunch.   I have to mention equipment at this point.  I learned free motion quilting with an open darning foot, controlling the speed and stitches with my pedal and hands.  Shortly after that (2006) I bought my Bernina Aurora 440QE which had the BSR (stitch regulator).   I found that using the BSR was difficult for me and my stitching was jerky and uneven.  When I upgraded to the 750QE, I spoke to the store manager about it and he suggested that I try it again, so since I got this machine in September, I have been switching back and forth between the BSR,  and my own control with the open darning foot.  I am finding that I am able to get smooth, even stitching with both.  Here is a peek at A.J.’s quilt.


Earlier in the week, I managed to get the quilting done on Rebecca’s memory quilt and I hope to get the binding done on this one soon.


In the afternoon we were able to clean one portion of the cellar, making a pile for recycle-trash, and donation.  Overall it was a most successful day, I did not quite finish quilting the baby quilt, but I was able to get back to it last evening and complete the quilting.  Now,  it will be on to the binding and with some good luck, it will be complete to include in the January goals, along with the memory quilt for Rebecca and Kris, and some Valentine’s!  Wish me luck!


Of course, wine goes with quilting… the only thing missing is chocolate!


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