It has been a busy weekend.  We had our Guild meeting Friday night followed by a class on Saturday led by Geralyn Sherman making a stripped pieced star.  We were able to finish the star center of the quilt and I would have had time to add borders, but I was just not ready to commit to the border fabric yet.  It was a wonderful day of sewing machines humming and 22 women chatting and laughing and telling stories about those most important to them, their husbands, children, and grandchildren.  Image

I also have been working on my making a Valentine for our February meeting.  Since our Guild meeting falls on Valentine’s Day, we decided to do a Secret Valentine exchange.  I am still fine tuning the design and it may end up being one of these, or you never know, I might just start over again from the beginning.  I was reminded Friday night that we still have 2 more challenges to complete before the end of our Guild year in June.  I am sure that those challenges will come up here as soon as I get started on them.Image





On another note, I have been struggling with picking out the fabric for the back of A.J.’s quilt, I had a couple of choices and I was not thrilled about either one,  I have been trying not to buy new fabric because I can’t get into my closet now – it is so full.  When I was pressing one of the blah choices getting ready to lay out the quilt, I suddenly thought of a piece of Jane Sassaman fabric which is just much too pretty to cut up.  I just had a feeling that it would work perfectly, so I dove into the closet to pull it out of the bottom bin that it was stored in, and it is perfect.  I pressed it up and laid out the quilt so that I would be ready for next weeks goal day!  No pictures of A.J.’s quilt until it is done, sorry.

Next Saturday is goal day….what is that you say?  Well Rebecca, when she was planning this years goals and reporting of the same,  suggested that we have one Saturday a month to work on our goals together.  I will be sewing, she will be reading and devoting most of the day to making good progress toward our goal.  It will be about finishing some items, which is why it was great to get the baby quilt laid out.  Now I should be able to get it quilted in the next week.  Until then, safe travels everyone!



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